Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia – IOGA

Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia – IOGA

Formed in 1959, the Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia, Inc. is the largest statewide, non-profit trade association representing companies engaged in the exploration, extraction, production and transmission of natural gas and oil in West Virginia, and the companies and individuals which support these activities. IOGAWV was formed to promote and protect a strong, competitive and capable independent natural gas and oil producing industry in West Virginia.

In 1991, IOGAWV approved the Mission Statement which better defined the Association’s purpose and goals. IOGAWV’s purpose is to promote and protect the West Virginia oil and natural gas producing industry through:

• Identifying and educating our members of the challenges and opportunities confronting our industry.

• Encouraging and projecting a unity of purpose among our membership.

• Educating the general public, elected and appointed representatives about the importance of the industry.

• Protecting and improving both the business and natural environment of our state.

IOGAWV, and its over 750 members, is proud to be a sponsor once again of the EXPO. We know that the EXPO is an excellent forum to bring together professionals from construction, design, works or infrastructure, construction and maintenance as well as all the important industries that actively engage with the construction field to provide goods and/or services. The oil and natural gas industry plays a great supporting role for the construction and design industries, and we are happy to share that information with all attendees. We encourage attendees to stop by our booth at the EXPO to learn more about the role the oil and natural gas industry plays in construction and design and in your community.

If you are interested in discovering the benefits of becoming a member, please stop by or office located at 300 Summers Street, Suite 820, Charleston, WV (BB&T Building), call our office at 304-344-9867 or visit our website at

IOGAWV’s membership services include four regularly scheduled meeting events, educational seminars, an association-based major medical insurance and Workers’ Comp programs and other many other related services.

Address: 300 Summers Street, Suite 820 Charleston, WV 25301
Contact: Charlie Burd, Executive Director
Phone: 304-344-9867
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